Pumps & Motors…that’s what we do.


Supervisory, Control, and Data Acquisition.

Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor provides state of the art control, and monitoring for all your wastewater and water needs. We have systems that can be accessed remotely via your phone and laptop wherever you have internet. Working with teams of experts in the field, we are capable of providing cellular, radio, and even internet monitoring and control of your system.


Full-service repair and maintenance shop. Offering Full warranty of new and reworked products.

Our Promise

Here at Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor we promise to help design the very best pumping system for your needs.  We value our customers and offer a full repair shop for all the equipment we sell.  Our expert craftsmen will assist you with any troubling problems. Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor will service all our sold products long after the initial sale. 

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