About Us

Here’s a little information about the folks that take care of you here at Mountain Valley Pump & Motor Service.


Todd Olsen.

Todd M. Olsen is the owner of Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor. He has been serving the good people of Cache Valley for 50 years in the pump and motor industry.

Through this 50-year time frame, he has created wonderful long-term relationships with his customers. These great people come from all walks of life. Todd has always serviced the residential, agricultural, and commercial fields. When asked how about his customers Todd replied “when you work as long as I have with so many good people, your customers feel like they are family

In the summer of 1985, Todd Olsen established Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor. It was an exciting time for him. It was a stretch to open the doors and begin doing business. He began the adventure with very little. For those first few years, he ran the business out of his home garage. As the reputation of Todd and Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor grew, he was able to do more and more repeat business from great customers. This extra business and hard work helped the company move into the current location, at 1444 North 300 West Logan, Utah.

Today Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor is servicing Northern Utah, Southeast Idaho, and western Wyoming. It has expanded into new frontiers including water and wastewater systems for municipalities, developers while maintaining the local residential, agricultural, and commercial pump and motor work. Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor couples the skills of a dedicated pump and motor technician with state-of-the-art S.C.A.D.A. systems to provide strong reliable water and wastewater pumping system.


Kolby Cazier.

Kolby Cazier has been servicing South East Idaho since 1998. He joined Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor Service in 2020. Now servicing South East Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Northern Utah.

His experience is in the water and wastewater industry. Kolby will assist with all your design questions. He and his team will help find solutions to every problem that occurs.


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