Technical projects Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor has completed.

GOOD TIMES; in Mackay, Idaho

Main Sewer Lift Station Mackay, Idaho

Mackay, Idaho, located in central Idaho, is a small town nestled in the valley between two mountain ranges. This small town has a population of about 600 people. The town of Mackay came to Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor Services for assistance with the repairs of their existing solid handling Flygt pumps and in desperate need of retrofitting their main sewer Lift Station.

This is a complicated project that needed to have a live retrofit of existing base elbows, discharge pipework, and removal of some abandoned piping. 

Company Confined Space Certified Technician Disassembling South Discharge Pipe

Our Trained and Company confined space certified technicians accomplished the work in three days.  The south Pump, Discharge Elbow, Check Valve, and pipework were disassembled and removed while the North Pump was still in operation. 

During the retrofit of the Main sewer lift station, the base elbows and discharge piping was upgraded from 3” to 4”. Special adaptions were used to ensure exiting 3” Flygt pumps could be used on the new 4” discharge piping and base elbows. This was done so that the Town of Mackay can upgrade their pumps from the existing 3 HP to what might be required in the future, with minimal changes. 

When working with smaller municipalities it is important to offer the greatest flexibility so that the town can have its needs met in a way that it can afford to purchase and maintain. 

Speedy Commercial Repairs

The world today is a world that is invested in the now. As for maintenance and repair shops they all have been fortunate in the past to have parts and equipment right now. With the reduction in parts and the complicated lead times during the Covid-19 Pandemic, a local production facility was very worried about the very real possibility of long downtimes.

This long downtime could transmit to loss of profit for the production facility. The maintenance shop of the production facility reached out to the professional team at Mtn. Valley Pump & Motor, to assist in providing a NOW solution to a specialty motor repair.

Together a full repair of the specialty motor was offered in a 24-hour turnaround.

250 H.P. 3 P.H. 3600 R.P.M. Specialty Motor. Scheduled and prepared for a quick repaired 24 hour turn aournd

Great teamwork provided by motor technicians to ensure the 24-hour deadline was met with no loss of production from the facility.

City of Rexburg wastewater mixer repair